Student Performance

At CBC Fremantle, every boy has a Mentor to guide his academic and personal progress. Mentors are attached to each House where they work in conjunction with the Heads to ensure every boy has individual attention and connection.

edit_img_6845.jpgMentors compile reports on students' performance and achievement in each subject, which are sent to parents at the end of each term. Parents are invited to meet with their son's teachers at report time, and are encouraged to contact the school at any time during the term should they be concerned about their son's progress.

Student Leadership

The College provides a range of leadership programmes and opportunities for all students. The College leadership programme is inextricably linked with the Pastoral House and Mentor system and the numerous activities that make up the life of the College.

Colours and Honours

Student Colours and Honours Awards recognise all dimensions of student life by celebrating outstanding achievements in five divisions:

  • Academic

  • Sporting

  • Cultural

  • House

  • Catholic Leadership (Religious Education, Service, Liturgy and Leadership).

WACE Performance

CBC Fremantle has a history of strong academic performance and regularly rates among the top schools in the state. It has a focus on ensuring that students are well counselled to maximise their WACE results.

Awards are presented each term to students who have achieved outstanding results and to those who have made significant improvements from the previous term. Students identified with areas of concern are provided with extra support.

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