About Us

Time hasn't changed society's need for good men. That's what led the Christian Brothers' to establish a Catholic school for boys in Fremantle during the Federation years in Western Australia.

"Every boy will become a man, but not every boy becomes a gentleman." CBC student

For boys to become good men, they need to learn in a tailored and challenging environment with the right combination of values, influence, guidance and example. Since 1901, the College has strived to assist families in the development of good young men with a strong sense of justice who are prepared to shape a better world.

It's a vastly different world today, but what characterises a good man - a gentleman - is timeless.

CBC Fremantle is a Catholic college in the tradition of Edmund Rice, and in the spirit of the Edmund Rice story, the College's historical beginnings saw the founding Brothers providing free education to local boys in need. The Brothers' core values of recognising the dignity of every human being and a strong sense of social justice remain to this day. Their legacy is evident in the College's culture and motto - Palma Virtuti (Goodness is its own reward) - which has guided the College for more than six decades.

The College has become renowned for guiding young men through their transition to manhood driven by a steadfast belief in the need to develop boys to be gentlemen. In times of rapid progress and change, and increasing rates of poverty and crime, the need for strong moral fibre in our future generations is clear. Now more than ever, young leaders need a moral compass to prepare them to be agents of positive change in our ever evolving world.

CBC Fremantle achieves this through unique pastoral care programmes that honour a boy's rite of passage to manhood, and through education programs based on an informed understanding of how boys learn.

In striking a balance between the positive progress of modern society and the enduring values and traditions of its forefathers, the College serves to enrich the lives of young men's and the communities which they will serve.

To find out how your son could learn how to be a gentleman at CBC, request a prospectus or register for a College tour.