Celebrating today's gentlemen

Celebrating today's gentlemen

The CBC Fremantle community celebrated the journey of the Class of 2017 on Friday evening, with a meaningful Liturgy and ceremony.

Formalities began with a Mass at St Patrick's Basilica, where 129 graduands gathered with family and friends for a reflection on faith and the future led by College Chaplain, Fr John Sebastian. Celebrations continued in the College Gymnasium, where Principal, Mr Shaun Kenny, presented the CBC gentlemen with their graduation certificates.

Graduates also received a badge from Old Boys' Association President, Mr Terry Iannello before signing the traditional Graduation Book, which bears the names of generations of CBC alumni, as a final symbol of their graduation.

Jonathan Frampton and Tom Monaghan addressed the gathering, comparing their journeys to a see-saw and highway respectively and sharing their growth and transition into tomorrow's gentlemen.

Music students, Marcus Demiroski and Joel Pangiarella, performed during the evening, in a final showcase of their talents developed over their time at the College.

Mr Kenny shared some final words with the boys before the graduates presented their parents with handwritten letters of love and thanks.

College Captain, Nicholas Watson, closed the evening with a heartfelt speech to his peers, calling on the group to change the word with small actions every day.

The Graduation Ceremony is a final celebration of each students' growth and development at the College, into the gentlemen they are called to be from their first day at CBC.